Until you know who you are,
how can you possibly know
of that which you are capable?”  

Within us all is a door, a door that separates us from a multitude of splendid things, 

the very things for which most of us hunger. Until we know the part of us that lives behind that door, it is difficult to fully know ourselves or the wondrous things we can be, envision, design, create, or change.

Art can be as a magic carpet that is one way of transporting us to what lies beyond that door. The images Linda creates are as postcards from the other side of her door, images that may encourage others to open their own door

Consider This An Invitation To Enter, To Find And Explore What May Lie Beyond Your Own Door - To Know More Completely Who You Are, And That You May Discover That Of Which You Are Capable. 

Linda J McGill vamamarg@mindspring.com